How to Check For Bed Bugs at a Hotel

How to Check For Bed Bugs at a Hotel

If you suspect bed bugs in a hotel room, notify staff and request another room. Keep your luggage on a luggage rack or in the bathroom (an unlikely place for bed bugs to hide while inspecting) while conducting your inspection of the room.

Look out for rusty spots on sheets, dark spots that resemble blood spots, exoskeletons (cases left behind when bugs shed their exoskeletons), sweet musty smells.

Inspect the Bed

Your bed will likely be where you spend the bulk of your nightly rest, making it the ideal starting point for your hotel room inspection. Pull back the sheets and blankets to check for insects, blood specks or black stains. Additionally, examine mattress and box spring seams along with crevices such as behind headboards or nightstands.

As well as inspecting your bed, other furniture should also be scrutinized for bed bugs: sofas and chairs; upholstered headboards; light switches/outlets/carpeting etc. Inspect drawers/closets as bed bugs can travel between rooms through cracks in walls/floors/ceiling.

TikToker Halee shared her tips for checking hotel rooms for bedbugs, which include keeping your suitcase on a luggage stand rather than setting it down directly onto the floor, since these bugs tend to latch onto items more readily when left on their own. Furthermore, she advised using hard-shell suitcases with minimal seams or folds that provide hiding places for bedbugs.

If anything seems suspicious, immediately notify the staff and request a new room. When you return home, wash all clothing and luggage in hot water to kill any bedbugs that might still be living inside them, vacuum and dust any upholstered upholstery pieces, as well as check for signs of bed bug infestation.

Inspect the Mattress

Bed bugs have long been an issue for hotels of all types, from budget motels to luxury resorts. These fast-multiplying insects can hitchhike with travelers in their luggage and then infiltrate guest homes, leading to costly, difficult-to-control infestations. According to Orkin’s survey data, eight in 10 hotels have experienced bed bug incidents at some point.

Bed bugs tend to thrive around beds, but they may also hide in furniture crevices; behind headboards, pictures and drapes; lamps, nightstands and electrical outlets; luggage – taking just two minutes at check-in to inspect for signs of infestation can help avoid taking these unwelcome guests home with you.

Take care to unwrap your mattress carefully by carefully lifting back sheets and blankets, paying special attention to corners and seams. Use a flashlight to look closely at folds and creases with folds, searching for signs of small dark spots or rust-colored stains that indicate bed bugs; additionally inspect mattress pads to check for rust-colored stains or signs of bed bug droppings that indicate their presence.

If there are stains on your mattress, look for a bed bug proof protector like Bargoose Bedding’s Bedbug Solution Elite Zippered Mattress Encasement to act as an effective barrier against bedbugs while you sleep. This sleek waterproof protector acts as a fortress against bedbugs’ primary breeding ground while simultaneously blocking them from reaching skin during sleep.

Inspect the Sheets

Utilize the flashlight feature of your phone to inspect the edges of your mattress for any splotches or stains, as well as eggshell casings or any eggs deposited therein. Make sure that you flip over and inspect both surfaces of the mattress to be thorough in your search for damage.

Once you’ve checked all corners, inspect the sheets and duvet. Look out for spots, splotches, as well as signs of bedbug activity or droppings. If there are many reddish-brown stains or black specks visible, take your luggage directly to the hotel front desk and request another room.

Take note of any extra furniture such as couches or recliners in the room; bed bugs tend to congregate more near these pieces than on beds themselves.

Finally, don’t forget to inspect the seams of bathroom fixtures for bed bugs. Although bed bugs are rare here, but have been known to infest hotels so it pays to be vigilant.

If you have a suitcase, keep it elevated on a luggage rack rather than placing it in the closet or on the floor to deter rodents from crawling inside and hitching a ride home with you. Also consider packing several large plastic bags which you can use to store clothing and belongings during your stay.

Inspect the Furniture

Bed bugs are adept at hiding, so to find them it’s essential that you be vigilant. Keep an eye out for reddish-brown stains or shed skins as indicators that they could be present.

An essential tool in the bed bug elimination process, a flashlight should be used at this step of the process to illuminate all cracks, crevices and seams of furniture in your room, inspect dressers’ drawers as well as all pieces of other furniture within it, look out for bloodstains or rust-colored spots which could indicate bed bug droppings, and for signs such as bloodstain or rust-colored spots which indicate bed bug activity.

If you notice any of these marks, take pictures, report them to the front desk and request another room. Furthermore, thoroughly vacuum furniture especially seams and folds; if traveling with children consider placing them into individual rooms so it will be easier for you to inspect all furniture in a given area.

One common misperception about hotels with bed bugs is that they must be dirty or of poor quality; this simply isn’t true. Bed bugs have been known to exist in all types of accommodations from luxury resorts to budget motels and even some upscale apartments, if there are concerns regarding cleanliness at one or more. If this concerns you, do some research online reviews for reports of infestation.


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